A Guide to Set up a Recording Studio for a Beginner

Once you are acquainted with the path to follow and lead the career in music, the next step lies in creating a studio for self, to practice and create few minor projects. But setting up a recording studio is a huge investment and is difficult too. it needs a lot of research, planning and thinking, and finally, some investment to execute it.

We hope you agree with us! But, we say that its pretty far easier than you actually thought of. You just need a few basic essential commodities and you are done with it. Read on below to know what a sound engineer’s ideal setup for a studio looks like!

Basic components for a studio:

  • A Computer
  • Audio Interface or DAW combo
  • Monitors for studio
  • Microphones
  • Headphones
  • Cables
  • Pop Filter
  • Software for Ear training

Well, now that you know the list, we also suggest that you keep everything simple. Thinking why and how a simple studio caters to all needs, below is our solution, read on.

Staying simple keep you going. Thinking how? When you attempt for too many things, too much of it you get overexcited. By this, you lose the encouragement needed, and finally, land up with unable to fulfil your dreams. Ultimately, your time, efforts and money go in vain, clueless.

On the other hand, if you start with simple things, you tend to learn with them, though they might have pitfalls, and find ways to overcome them. so here you are encouraged to overcome them because the desire to reach high is making you go, aim for higher and eventually, you tend to motivate yourself to reach higher and then add up things one by one to your studio to make it like a pro.

12. October 2017 by admin
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