Are Braces Effective To Close A Gap From A Missing Tooth ?

Who wouldn’t like to flaunt a neatly and uniformly placed teeth line through the most charming and pleasing smile? Not all are naturally blessed with perfect tooth spacing. People with wide gaps between their front teeth might be a common sight to many of us. Gaps can occur between any teeth but the worst will be-be the front ones.

Dentistry has gapless techniques for you

Dentistry gives equal importance to aesthetic treatment as with regular orthodontics. A gaping smile can definitely lower the morale of many and might be physically hurting too. Depending on the width of the gaps, there are several techniques practiced by dentists. For small gaps, an easy and handy method is to use a Teeth Gap Band. For wider gaps, you have multiple options such as tooth bonding, crowns and porcelain veneers, retainers.

When braces are unavoidable

When you really have a gap because of a missing tooth, more advanced techniques are to be considered like implants, dentures and finally braces. Anyone with the slightest idea will freeze on hearing braces. It is the most painful and invasive method of filling gaps. People prefer to avoid braces as far as possible because of:

Pain: Not limited to the time of wearing braces, but throughout the long period of usual usage

Possibility of bruises: Tissues inside the mouth are very tender and are susceptible to cuts while using larger braces. The cuts increase the burn when you have spicy or hot food.

Difficulty in eating: The permanently fitted braces limit the use of crunchy or some solid food items. The presence of cuts further shortens the list of food items you can smoothly eat.

Cleaning becomes difficult: With a susceptible obstacle right through the middle of your teeth, brushing and cleaning definitely become a bothering task.

Cost: Braces are mostly recommended for a long period and might require period changing to simpler ones after each change. The more sophisticated the making becomes, the costlier it gets.

With these undesired consequences, bracing should not be considered for filling a gap as wide in the case of a missing tooth. Instead, braces can be used in restoration to create sufficient spacing to hold an artificial tooth or implant. You can find out if temptooth really works by trying a restoration. Despite all these difficulties, when you have no other treatment stronger than braces to bring the bones of your jaw and mouth in alignment.


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