Why should you buy knee pads for your baby?

The crawling stage is one of the most important milestones in a baby’s development. But this is a stage where babies learn to be mobile on their own and it would be hard to stop them. If you have a carpeted floor all through the house it would not be much of a problem. But rough floors can cause bruises on babies’ tender skin on the knees. They do however need a firm surface to learn to crawl better.

To tackle this one of the most common solutions parents resort to is to make the baby wear full length onesies or pants so that their knees do not get hurt while crawling. But sometimes babies hate wearing pants and they cannot wear pants when it is warm outside. So in such situations the best possible solution is the knee pad. There are also other similar options to protect the crawling baby’s knees.

The two most popular options to protect your baby’s knees:

  1. Knee pads:

There are different types of knee pads to suit different types of crawlers and different age group of babies. My babies knees are less sore with knee pads and I’m really glad I bought them. There are some that come with thick padding that can be useful for rough floors. These might be slightly uncomfortable for the baby at first but they would eventually get used to it. And these offer the best protection.

  1. Leg warmers:

These are for those days where the weather is chilly and your little crawler does not want to wear his pants. So you can choose leg warmers that can keep their legs warm while also offering a little protection to the knees. But be cautious with the material you choose. This would determine whether the leg warmer is slippery on smooth tiled floors.

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