Cat Lady Diaries: Birthday Gift Ideas

There are several ideas and options you can look up online before you shop for the perfect birthday gift for your cat lover girlfriend. Cat themed gifts can be feminine, feminist, cute and very sassy and stylish. And if you are looking for some great options, then we’re sure you’ll find that these cat themed gifts are absolutely adorable and will make your friend very happy and charmed.

There are a number of ideas to choose from the internet. These gifts can be readymade, handmade or customized. There are also a number of DIY gifting ideas if you want to get creative and have the time to do so.

So, here are some adorable gift ideas we have compiled to ease out the hassles of planning and shopping.

  • Cat earrings: There are many a cute and elegant options in splendid designs which will make you fall in love with cats as well. These are great gifts to give on a special birthday.
  • Cat hair clips: Totally girly and funky, there are many lovely and adorable varieties of cat themed hair clips in different designs and colours to choose from.
  • Cat makeup bag: Can it get better than this. If your friend likes make-up, there are small yet utilitarian and stylish cute cat makeup bags to choose from. These can hold a few makeup essentials for your friend who wants to look perfect even on the go.
  • Customized cat necklaces and pendants: These are totally adorable. You can get cat necklaces and carve the initials of your friend and her pet to give a very personalized and elegant gift.

Apart from the above-mentioned items there are some more cool gift options like cat-themed berets and umbrellas, pillow covers, charming catty tea sets for an all- girls’ party and so on. There are a lot of gift choices available to indulge cat lovers, if you know where to look and the internet is a good option to start.


28. November 2017 by admin
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