How to Find A Reliable Site To Sell Diamonds?

A lot of research went into this:

When they say, information is power; I suppose you must take this at face value. Because recently, I was trying to sell diamonds online and I realized that while there are options galore on the World Wide Web for buying diamonds, there is a dearth of sites that accept pre used ones.

The premises:

I quit my marriage of twelve years and to top it I walked out myself without trying to claim anything. Not because he did not have anything to give but because it hurt my self esteem to be dependent on someone whom you want to have no connection with whatsoever. I had terrible few days and I did not intend to recount the horror of taking help form someone who was completely responsible for the bleakest period in my life.

So, I had a few diamond pieces that I decided to sell:

I was capable of charting my own course. All I needed was a little push. The diamond jewellery that I had kept in the bank’s safe locker had only my name as the account holder and so it was easy for me to redeem my own jewellery. I first tried selling them at the pawnbrokers but was utterly disappointed with the offered price. On inquiring he said that across the country the pawnbrokers cannot give you more because they also give you the option of buying it back from them till a certain reasonable period.

I tried at physical jewellery store but they were not too forthcoming either. Then per chance I happened to see a great site on the internet that sounded very promising. The site would do the photography of my jewel and also certify the stones for free. Along with that they offered complimentary insurance on the piece and offered to keep it in their safes till an auction or an online sale took place. They would consign my jewels after my consent and help me get the best price for my diamonds.

Since, I felt the procedure was extremely transparent, I opted for it and I must tell you, I don’t regret it. Today, I heard from them that all my stones have fetched a great price and are waiting for me to accept the price to close the deal. Thank God, I followed my instincts!

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