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Customizing is fun and thrilling and it is but natural that once you customize a T-shirt you cannot wait to wear it and flaunt it. Your T-shirt can convey a lot more than probably you would dare do. That being the case, invariably the wait for your customized goods is long and the price is not cheap at all. Let us take a quick look at the whole process why the costs are high before providing you with a solution.

Four aspects of customized printing

The cost of your T-shirt is dependent on:

  • The apparel or the material cost – This cost is obviously dependent on the quality of the material and forms the prime cost in your order.
  • The cost of settingup and the complexity of the design–The more the colors in the design the more the cost of the product as every single color requires a film and a screen made. Intricate designs, logos cost more than just text and simple graphics.
  • The actual printing cost – This, of course, is dependent on the design, the number of colors and the time spent in printing. Not all garments are easy to print; there are some garments which require greater effort, specialty inks,and more care. Then additional special effects like puff, cracking ink and glitter will add to the cost.

Customized garments are fun to wear and price should not be a factor to deter you from buying these garments. Shopping at will ensure that you get customized cloth cheap and fast.

Why are we so quick and efficient?

What makes us quick is that we have sufficient blank stock at all times, thereby cutting on the time needed to procure the raw materials. Our dedicated sales team ensures that your product is exactly the way you want and will provide valuable suggestions to keep the costs low. Our team of designers is also ever ready to help you choose designs that are trendy and yet keep the costs low. Customizing t-shirts has never been easier or quicker.



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