Why Most Luxury Watch Brands Come From Switzerland?

The scenic view of the Swiss Alps, the melting milk chocolates once tasted are hard to resist. Anything with the Swiss made stamp is aristocratic. No one can deny that Swiss watches are ambassadors of luxury, comfort, elegance. They are in of the top most wanted possessions of every shopper across the globe. The primary reason being that it’s a blend of old and modern technique of watch making which stand apart for their precision and aesthetic quality.

Watch making started somewhere around 16th century and Swiss made watches have been the fore runner in the world for continuous innovation and commitment standing the test of time. The moment we talk about Swiss watches the pioneer Rolex brand pops up in our mind.

Rolex watches are a masterpiece which encompasses the artistic appeal of the buyer with sophisticated design which increases the charm and appeal.

Iconic watches by Rolex:

Submariner-It’s a must have for the water sport enthusiasts and is the first water resistant legendary watch.

Date adjust II -A timeless elegant craftsmanship with modern technology and self winding chronometer.

Yacht master II- A Luxurious accessory with the world’s first programmable mechanical countdown timer for a completely amazing yacht experience.

Daytona-Renowned, admirable and extremely well engineered watch for race car drivers. It is highly accurate and measures precisely up to 400 Kilometers per hour. I always wanted to have a certified pre owned Rolex Daytona for its superb quality, highly reliable chronograph and high performance.

Other top brands which are highly recommended for a luxurious experience are IWC Schaffhausen –aqua timer for it in sync with current trends.

Omega brand is the most tested watch in the world as it has its presence in moon.

Tag Heuer has a repertoire of large watch making with the first smartwatch in the market.

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