Pulse Oximeter Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Pulse Oximeter

The Pulse Oximeter is an alternative way for blood gas testing. Blood gas testing lets you know the level of carbon dioxide in the blood but to get this test done you need to go to a laboratory which could be expensive without a healthcare insurance. Instead, you can check the blood gas levels at home using a pulse Oximeter.

The thing to know before you purchase a Pulse Oximeter

Before you buy a Pulse Oximeter for your personal use, here is what you should consider.

  • The accuracy of the device

The pulse oximeter should be able to give you results within a 2% plus or minus range of the actual gas levels. This is tested in the clinic. The device should also be capable of giving 70% oxygen saturation.

  • Warning

You need to look for the three warning levels when buying an Oximeter.

  • Irregular heartbeat where an alarm sounds if the heartbeat is not steady
  • Low SpO2 then the device should sound an alarm. Even though the level will be on display it is best to have one with an alarm so that you take immediate action.
  • The device should also let you know when the battery is low.
  • Portability

At ApexHealthandCare.com you can buy a pulse Oximeter that is highly portable and can be taken around with you. You can carry it in your pocket or around your neck. TheOximeter is streamlined in shape and thus can be easily carried.

  • Light in weight

The Oximeter also needs to be lightweight. This will make it easy to carry around with you everywhere. The heavy variants also tend to get easily damaged.

  • Durability

The Oximeter needs to be durable. It should be resistant to breakage and should be waterproof.

Follow this guide to buy a top quality pulse Oximeter.

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