Shopping For Wine Made Easy

For the real wine lovers:

A couple of years ago, I turned to wine simply because I wanted to experiment. In the hindsight, I am so glad that I took this decision because, since the time I was a young kid, I had never had this inclination towards wine for some strange reasons.

In college, there was a group of wine connoisseurs who would wax eloquent about wine and the benefits of drinking it. And all I could relate wine was with the red color. Of course, I call it my naivety to not even have explored the genre.

Cut to today!

Today, I realize that wine is definitely my kind of drink. And which one is my favorite?

Well, no prizes for guessing this one. The Tempranillo wine wins it hands down. The problem with my favorite variety is that even though it is available widely, the prices are quite subject to fluctuations. I mean there is so much difference in the price of this variation across the leading stores here that I sometimes find myself broke!

Online is a safer bet:

I agree that online shopping is the best way to buy wines that you know of. And if you trust the online retailer it only makes your job so much easy. By the way, I realized out of the experience that online shopping prices may sound like a throwaway but we are not factoring in the shipping charges there. Adding a minimum of $15 because glass bottle and heavy can add so much t the bottom line but again it doorstep delivered! I guess, it all depends on the individual.

As for me, when the time is a hassle, I prefer buying it online and when I am already outside and I see a good deal, I try to capitalize the situation even if that means hoarding my shopping cart under my wifey’s angry pout!

01. March 2018 by admin
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