Are ‘Smart Pills’ allowed in your education institution?

Recent researches have shown an alarming increase in the use of drugs across the university campuses. These include recreational drugs, prescribed drugs and stressbusters like antidepressants. But there is a huge increase in the use of brain boosters.

Previously these were prescribed to people who had certain disorders like ADHD or some other marked behavioural pattern. But now many students are taking these or similar medicines to boost their academic performance. They do not realize that the medicines should be used only under medical supervision and may have side effects. But most universities and educational institutions do not allow the use of these drugs. Students must realize that these kinds of chemicals make them dependent on drugs, every time they are under stress, whether due to exams or any other situation.

Now there are some supplements that also claim to boost the mental power without any side effects. These generally improve the cognitive skills, that include memory and brain function. These supplements contain a combination of various chemicals, extracted from plants and herbs and some man-made as well. These are well known for their positive effect on enhancing the cognitive power of the brain. When taken as a supplement, the medicines help to keep the person alert and active. For example, the question if mind lab pro is worth it can be answered affirmatively. The supplement has many positive effects, barring some minor side effects. Many people claim that they can work faster consistently, for longer duration, feel energetic and make fewer mistakes and can focus on the given tasks with the help of these supplements.

No wonder educational institutions cannot endorse these supplements and allow them to be used freely. They want all the students to compete on the basis of their natural capabilities. Another important fact is that these drugs are not yet well researched to know all their side effects. But when it comes the supplements like mentioned above, which are herbal and natural, these can be used without any objection from the peers or the institution itself.

29. November 2017 by admin
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