Top 10 Best Gifts for 2-year-olds

A toddler is just beautiful to watch and pamper. When you have to buy them something, you are not really sure what is appropriate for them.

Here are 10 of the best gifts you can get children of this age group:

  1. Toys

Which child does not want toys? No matter how many they already have, they are always happy to get more. There are many local stores and online stores that cater to this segment of the market. Visiting a store near you is always a great idea as you get to see the size and also feel the product before you buy it. Though online shopping is easier, I bought toys from here (retail store) and am very happy with it.

  1. Clothes

Children of this age just keep growing and parents never say no to clothes. Get them to weather appropriate clothing. A size bigger will not be a mistake.

  1. Shoes

Same goes for shoes. Get them interesting looking shoes as children of this age are fascinated by almost everything.

  1. Puzzles

This is the age the brain is grasping everything and developing at a great speed. Get them color coordinating puzzles, shapes puzzles, etc.

  1. Clay

Clay is a great gift for children of this age. Though it can be harmful when ingested and requires an adult to be around, this will give those little fingers a lot to do and help them get stronger.

  1. Ride-Ons

The age where mobility is getting better and this cute ride-on will have them zooming in their own ways

  1. Lights And Sound

Their brain is busy connecting and understanding things. Hand-eye coordination is improving and something that has lights and sounds like an output of their touch will be a great way to keep them occupied.

  1. Building Blocks

A set of blocks they can build skyscrapers and everything with will play out their imagination

  1. Books

Books with different textures for their sensory nerves, a book their parents can read to them at bedtime, etc.

  1. Colors

They still don’t have a grip. Get them the big sized crayons designed for this age group to help them learn to hold things.

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